Daily Archive: September 20, 2011


Plan Be

The thought, very simply, was that maybe there is an alternative to being a slave to schedule, even in our clock-dictated times. And if the hammock looks precarious…well the thought of just “being” can be scary in itself…as accustomed as...


The Rope Less Travelled

Being on a tight rope is living, everything else is just waiting – Karl Wallenda, tightrope walker Born into a family of acrobats, Karl may well have been genetically predisposed to treading tight ropes while defying logic and gravity with unmatched finesse, but his sentiment...


Once upon a Reef

In wistful commemoration of a world relegated to the outskirts of our collective consciousness, removed as it stands from land-dwellers, while threatened by the same. Manmade distress signals find their way into an erstwhile pristine scene, as ironic yet fitting reminders of our own stake in...

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