Once upon a Reef

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In wistful commemoration of a world relegated to the outskirts of our collective consciousness, removed as it stands from land-dwellers, while threatened by the same.
Manmade distress signals find their way into an erstwhile pristine scene, as ironic yet fitting reminders of our own stake in the oceans.
 While the visible is taken for granted, the not-so-visible is an even easier victim of our indifference. Immersed in terrestrial chaos, we overlook our deleterious impact on the marine world. The havoc wreaked on land has repercussions deep into the oceans. Though infathomably vast, the oceans aren’t mankind-proof. Mounting evidence underlines their vulnerability to over-exploitation.The reckless dwindling of biodiversity could lead to a mass extinction of species invaluable to all ecosystems, further upsetting the planet’s basic environmental balance.
 Long live the oceans, and the 7 billion humans dependent on them.

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