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Hemkund, Uttarakhand, Himalayas, High Altitude, North India

Yoga teacher, traveller, writer, artist. Going where I’ve never been, creating adventures/misadventures, reading, learning new languages, generally seizing the day. And living to share the tale. Tabasco, sunshine, poetry, the night sky and writing are some of my many loves in random order. Lucky for me, they’re location independent and generally tag along wherever I go.

Through (mostly) solo travel I’ve chased my fears across 14 countries and gotten to know them better with every (mis)adventure. And often they’ve chased me down to get to know me better. From ziplining in Thailand, jumping off a waterfall in Mauritius to rafting in Rishikesh, paragliding in Bir to bouldering in flipflops in Hampi, diving in the Andamans to almost drowning in the Indian Ocean, hiking an active volcano in Bali to getting bitten by a Balinese monkey soon after, walking on a Mauritian seabed to freezing in my khaki pants at the world’s highest ski resort in Bolivia, quadbiking in Bali rains to getting a street sexual harasser arrested in Bombay, holding a Bahamian jelly-fish in my palms to being hounded by Bolivian pelicans, trekking Mt. Le Pouce on an empty stomach to getting lost with a dead cellphone on a small Thai island. With most adventures, getting into them was unintentional but getting out of them was a must. My takeaway has been that I’m bigger than my fears, as they are largely stories my own imagination spins. Being ‘safe’ is not an absolute guarantee anywhere, so I might as well take the risks that excite me and be game for the ones I couldn’t have imagined. Through this blog, I hope to share my excitement and inspire others to explore their fears.

If you have any ideas, questions, suggestions or just want to say hey, do drop me a line at namitayoga @ I’d love to hear from you 🙂

As a Yoga teacher and, more importantly, Yoga student, I am glad to have completed 610 hours of Yoga Alliance certified teacher training, and learnt from various teachers – and students – around the world. Here are some of my favorite Yoga asanas, meaning the ones that taught me I’m more than my self-imposed limitations. I love working on the ‘advanced’ asanas and always being a work in progress. The most ‘advanced’ Yoga in my book anyway is a calm mind and a happy spirit – always working on that one, on and off the mat 🙂