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Client Reviews

Here’s what some of the participants in my online and in-person Yoga classes have to say:

I had been a student of yoga off and on for a few years. But I had to take a break in between as I went through a couple of pregnancies and then I lost touch with my practice. I was looking for someone to practice with and learn from for a while and also get some tips on leading a class, since I have been wanting to venture into teaching myself. I found the perfect yoga partner and teacher in Namita. She has a very relaxed yet assertive way of teaching which makes you a confident learner. I love that she emphasizes a lot on warming up and stretching which is so required to prevent injuries. She is encouraging and ensures you get a good workout too. I also got enough reference material from her to study further. And I ended up gaining a very dear friend. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to learn as a beginner or deepen their practice. – Aditi, Mysore

Namita is an excellent yoga instructor and I don’t say this lightly. I’ve been to yoga classes that are in person yet felt neglected quite often.
I get that sometimes there’s many students but yoga isn’t something you just do….it is specific to each person and can cause more harm than good if not done right i.e. not done in a way that’s best suited for you. Namita makes sure I don’t push myself too much and always comes up with alternate solutions that ensure my vertigo isn’t triggered…even if conducted virtually, she has an eye out and is sharp! She has years of experience and it’s definitely shows! – Lavina, UK
“Initially, I was skeptical about yoga and yoga online! I was doubtful I would stick with it an entire hour!!  My friend had recommended Namita so I decided to give it a try and was I glad!!! Namita has an easy- no fuss way of teaching you, helping you understand your body, its needs and boundaries. Whilst she is calm, explains the logic, benefits of the practice, she doesn’t hurry you or force you to push yourself leading to injury rather she also gauges your capacity and slowly pushes you to do more and better. Lastly, her approach towards yoga and teaching it, is to enable you to do yoga on your own – for your better living, which is so amazing!!! I wish Namita the best and happy practicing to you!” – Namrata JM, Mumbai, 2021
“After years of not practicing, Namita managed to get me back into Yoga. She is very attentive and adapts to your individual needs and skills. As a result of her experience and knowledge, Namita’s classes are always varied and inspiring. I can wholeheartedly recommend her, no matter if you are a complete beginner or if you practice yoga on a regular basis. Namita will accompany you on your yoga journey.”Louise, Vienna, 2021

“For 17 years I believed yoga wasn’t for me, that I wasn’t flexible enough. In my mind, yoga was the frustration of not even being able to get into the position to do a stretch, let alone stretch the relevant part of the body. Then my partner had me join her for a yoga session. The teacher was Namita, and to my total surprise I found myself actually enjoying myself. I’m still not very flexible, but Namita has managed to find a practice that was both accessible and enjoyable, selecting and adapting positions really nicely. Namita also helped me make yoga part of my daily routine now, and it’s done my body a world of good. The way she introduced the practice of hatha yoga, and made it accessible for me, as well as her focus on breathing at the core of movement, are things I have enjoyed enormously. Don’t worry if you’re a beginner or not flexible or not very much in shape, Namita will find the point of balance that feels good and makes sense for you.” – Serge, Vienna, 2021

“You have done such a wonderful job and brought much new perspective. This was really really nice Namita!” – Wild Ginger Herbal Center, Costa Rica (Yoga for Creativity workshop, Jan 2021)

“I have been practicing yoga with Namita for many months. I was in a bad state when I started training, and with every class I feel myself getting stronger, more flexible and aware of my body from the inside-out. She guides me through every pose step-by-step with a slow, meditative approach that focuses on the breath and on the sensations inside the body, and encourages me to push myself beyond my mental barriers. I really look forward to my classes with Namita and cannot recommend her enough!” – Urbi Bhaduri, Bangalore, India

“As the saying goes, when the student is ready the teacher appears! Also, never judge a book by its cover…that is what I discovered while learning Yoga from Namita. She is open, dynamic and pushes you to discover and break down the barriers of what you can physically and mentally do. She brings in a lot of positive energy & enthusiasm with her and you just cannot stop yourself from getting addicted to it. Also, in the process of learning Yoga from her, I have learnt to appreciate and inculcate the philosophy of taking care of your body as it is the only place you have to live! Yoga brought us together and today we share a beautiful friendship though we are thousands of miles apart!” – Savitha Narasimhaiah, Bangalore, India

“My love for yoga went to a new level ever since I got the opportunity to have Namita as my teacher. No two sessions were the same as her energy,enthusiasm,patience and creative ways of teaching always made me bond stronger with Yoga. She ensured there was a perfect balance of all the steps and each one of us got personalized attention.I would always consider her to be a role model for anyone who aims to have a healthier mind and body.” – Tarun Poonacha, Bangalore, India

“Namita is a mature woman with a deep dedication to her practice. Her practice is strong and at the same time she has a wonderful softness that teaches the middle path. She knows her Yoga and brings creativity, variety, spontaneity and commitment. She is intelligent, grounded, humble and has great depth and wisdom which she generously imparts. They say a mediocre teacher tells, the good teacher explains, the superior teacher demonstrates, the greatest teacher inspires. Namita, thank you for being such an inspiring teacher!” – Tanaz Adranvala, Mumbai, India

“Thank you for the wonderful session! The workshop was well-drafted for frequent business travelers like us, with long travels and business visits that keep us engaged all day. The session had the right blend of theory and practical demonstrations. So we got to know the science and we were able to recognize the benefit while we did the practice. We hope to have more sessions in future.” – Vedanarayanan Selvakumar, FM Global, Bangalore, India

“Namita taught Hatha Yoga at Arts Village for ten months in 2017 and we absolutely loved her energy and the way she conducted her classes. We received highly appreciative feedback from her students about the way she taught and made the classes safe, effective and enjoyable. Always aiming to engage her students and have them look forward to classes, she even taught a few classes outside in the rain when her students were up for it. She taught a kids’ batch in the summer which was also well-received and we would love to work with her again someday.” – The Arts Village, Bangalore, India

Here’s what some of the brands and companies I’ve worked with are saying about my work:

“Namita is a delight to work with. She is highly responsive and thorough in her work. We are assured of professionalism and a high quality of writing whenever we work with her. She captures the essence of the places in her posts and we have received great feedback from our clients about her Yoga classes on the trip as well. We look forward to more collaborations with her on many more trips.” – Rohan Prakash, Associate Vice President, Cox & Kings Ltd., India

“We’ve loved working with Namita. A thorough professional, she is always ready to go that extra mile to ensure that she delivers. Travel is her passion and it shows in her writing, which is very engaging and our readers enjoyed reading her posts. We would be happy to work with her again!” – Muneera Ghosh, Director, Blogilicious

“It was wonderful hosting Namita at our Press Week in February 2018. We loved her energy, kind nature and positive outlook. We are so grateful for her social media prowess – her blogposts and social media posts captured the essence of Mhai. It was great to have her spend a week with us to see what Cuba has to offer in terms of culture and yoga. We look forward to working together soon!” – Mhai Yoga Retreat Center, Havana, Cuba

“Working with Namita was a great experience. She was professional throughout and did a great job sharing her travel experiences on her blog and in her social media posts, and also in her artwork where she made an illustrated map of Majuli. We are glad to have hosted her and we look forward to working with her again.” – Root Bridge Foundation (A non-profit organisation working for the promotion of the sustainable tourism practices in North-east India. It is the implementing agency of Majuli Sustainable Tourism Development Project & Ambassadors of Bodoland).