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Italy, Lake Maggiore, Ispra, North Italy, Italy art 16

Santa Caterina of the Dancing Rock, Italy

A Picturesque Corner of Italy’s Lake District  Painted from a moment I captured on Lake Maggiore two years ago on a two-month trip in northern Italy. One of the most interesting places I’ve ever been. Off the standard tourist circuit and...

Palace, Madhya pradesh, Indian Architecture 3

Forgotten Slices of History

A visit to an ancient palace near Dhar, a town in Madhya Pradesh (Central India) inspired me enough to capture the moment in paint. Walking under the palace’s bat-occupied arches, it felt strange yet accurate to imagine its past as...

Music, guitar painting, guitar art 2

When Music is the Muse

  Music was her drug of choice. Loud enough to extinguish the darkness and layered enough to lose and find herself in over and over again. No matter what life threw at her, another world was always another song away....

Oil pastel painting by Namita Kulkarni 2

Somewhere under the Blue Sky

Exactly 13 years since I painted this. An oil pastel re-creation of an oil painting by an artist called C Loft, known for his Mediterranean seascapes. A raw beginner at age 19, all I had for reference was a postcard-sized greeting...


A waterfall in Mussoorie

  What’s with me and waterfalls? I wish I knew. Maybe it’s that driven energy they all exude, or their unstoppable exuberance, or just the way they roar constantly. Exploring Mussoorie many years ago, I chanced upon this secluded waterfall,...

Global water crisis, art 0

Thirst World Countries

A pencil & watercolour painting from 2008, part of a series of paintings ‘Timeless Waters to Waterless Times’ I made on the subject of the global water crisis. An issue that has only grown more urgent as the years have...


Plan Be

The thought, very simply, was that maybe there is an alternative to being a slave to schedule, even in our clock-dictated times. And if the hammock looks precarious…well the thought of just “being” can be scary in itself…as accustomed as...


The Rope Less Travelled

Being on a tight rope is living, everything else is just waiting – Karl Wallenda, tightrope walker Born into a family of acrobats, Karl may well have been genetically predisposed to treading tight ropes while defying logic and gravity with unmatched finesse, but his sentiment...


Once upon a Reef

In wistful commemoration of a world relegated to the outskirts of our collective consciousness, removed as it stands from land-dwellers, while threatened by the same. Manmade distress signals find their way into an erstwhile pristine scene, as ironic yet fitting reminders of our own stake in...

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