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Experiments with Balance

 Balance is …    … an ode to stillness sung by all the movement it took to get there … the sea of patience that goes into creating one exquisite wave                  ...


4 Tips for a Home Yoga Practice

  I’m often asked how one can maintain a steady home Yoga practice between work stress and tight schedules even at home. Here are 4 tips that have worked best for me over the years: Keep your Yoga mat rolled...


Yoga for Travel Workshop: March 25, 2017

  Join us on this 3-hour Yoga for Travel workshop exploring the many ways Yoga and travel overlap and complement one another. Conducted by Namita Kulkarni, a Yoga teacher who’s been teaching for 7 years and travelling solo to places far...

Asana meets Awareness 3

Moving into Meditation: When Asana Meets Awareness

“Oh I can never sit still!” – the commonest response whenever I make the outrageous suggestion that meditation might be worthwhile. To many,  meditation implies sages sitting still, lost in some exclusive mystic realm. But what if you don’t need...


Yoga Meets Kettlebell

There are two kinds of travellers one sees on flights. Those that haul their own baggage up into the cabin and those that cannot. With my relatively small frame I’m often presumed to be the latter, until I swing my...

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Ujjayi Breath – For The Win

‘Teach me some Yoga!’ is a line I often hear as a Yoga teacher from India, on her way to everywhere. Whether it’s a genuine interest or a passing curiosity, or even part of a thinly veiled wink-addled attempt at...


Flat Abs, 6-Pack Abs or Core Strength?

‘Flat Abs’ and ‘6-pack’ are to health magazines what ‘World Peace’ and ‘Mother Teresa’ have always been to beauty pageants. They’d never feel complete without them, for reasons equally superficial. If only they’d live up to their promises, we’d run into flat abs and world peace so much more often.


Out of Context

By Namita Kulkarni on 10 August 2015   There are places one never fully returns from, even a decade after that one short visit. Places that carve out a permanent residence deep inside one’s psyche. Evocative as ever, even from...