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Vegetarian in Bolivia – Not a Missed Steak

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  1. Your blog reminds me of saying to the tourists who are vegetarians in Bengal that they will miss out many delicious tastes of this foody city of kolkata bcoz we bongs are fish lovers and we have a lot of fish recipes. I hope you have a complete control on your mind of not losing it for a single moment in Bolivia. Since you are a language lover like me, so I would like to share some interesting facts. Spanish & English are false friends and so when we translate some sentence or words literary, we get different meanings than what it is supposed to be. For example– you have mentioned the Father’s day recipe that sounds funny but here “papa” means potato. Latin American countries have some local terms that survived for so many centuries after the conquest of Spanish explorer. Anyway I hope you had an adventurous journey in Bolivia as it is a place of excitement. I hope to read some more thrilling experience of your journey in the land of Nuestra Señora de La Paz

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