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Big Adventures, Small Budgets and the ‘Lucky’ Traveller

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  1. kranky says:

    Like this post Namitha. Your idea of travel is kool. May there be many more adventures on your path. May there be more friendships along the way. May the planet have more travellers like you. Cheers;-)

  2. venus john says:

    wow..the airfare got me..i saved on food in Europe by packing sandwiches in my backpack..made the sandwiches myself by shopping the previous day at the local store or market for ham ,bread etc..

  3. Pankaz says:

    Fantastic experience after reading your outstanding blog. My dream is to travel the best and famous place in the world.

  4. So true. When we visited UK and Scotland, we often saved money by picking up Supermarket Salads and takeaway sandwiches were cheaper than sit-in-the-shop-eat. Uber didn’t exist then, but there is so good underground in London you don’t miss uber/lyft

  5. Great post! thanks for sharing.

  6. Bhanudurga says:

    I have read your blog. it is very interesting and informative.

  7. nisha jain says:

    Thank you for sharing this post. Glad in reading your post. Well done!!

  8. Hi,
    Namita Kulkarni, Just I read this post. It is the very fantastic post. thanks for sharing this great post.

  9. After reading your blog, I am so energized that I want to visit maximum number of countries

    • Namita Kulkarni says:

      That’s so great to hear Mehak! Really glad the post gave you a nudge in that direction 🙂 More power to all your travels and keep me posted !

  1. August 20, 2016

    […] isn’t all expensive: There are so many ways to travel non-expensively these days. The more comfort, certainty and convenience one needs, the more one has to spend. Be […]

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