Wild & Wonderful Chiang Mai

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If I’ve been missing here of late it’s because I was away having the maddest, wildest time exploring Chiang Mai, Thailand for a week and I’m still reeling! You can read about it on this link: How to Make the Most of Chiang Mai

I’d heard there’s a lot more to Thailand than its beaches but a week in Chiang Mai’s streets, mountains, hot springs, caves, waterfalls and adventure sports made me forget about beaches. From the time I sat in the taxi van outside the airport to my last afternoon there at the lovely cafe-with-a-cause Free Bird Cafe, it threw at me one surprise after another. But I know I’ve only scratched the surface and I will be back for more someday!

Big thanks to Cox & Kings for sponsoring my trip, in association with the Tourism Authority of Thailand in India.  As always, all opinions and insanity are entirely mine  🙂

Ziplining, Chiang Mai, Thailand


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3 Responses

  1. hey elsa says:

    Seems like a gorgeous and fun country! I hope to go there next year, can’t wait! 🙂

  2. Sophia says:

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