Italy – Let the adventures begin !

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Landed in Italy a few nights ago and hugely excited to traipse around the north in the weeks to come. Before entering a new country I like to read books written by its own authors about it, a tradition I plan to keep. On the flight I got halfway through Beppe Severgnini’s astute and hilarious La Bella Figura: A Field Guide to the Italian Mind and it was no mean feat not to laugh out loud at every other page. I’d heard it said earlier that Indians and Italians are rather similar in many respects, and I found the book confirming that often. While also enlightening me about aspects of Italian culture I could not have otherwise imagined – more on that later. Before this blogpost turns into a book review, let me wind up by asking you to hit ‘follow’ on the blog for regular updates on my Italian adventures all through this month and the next! Here are some photos from a few long walks in Ispra (the town I’m in at the moment), and a day trip to the lovely town of Stresa 🙂

More pics on my Instagram @radicallyeverafter

Stresa, Italy, Northern ItalyThe Swiss Alps bordering Lake Maggiore make the views even more picturesqueLake Maggiore, Ispra, Lombardy

Lake Maggiore, bordering the Swiss Alps

If thoughts come knocking, tell them I won’t be needing their services until further notice

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  1. ucabindia says:

    Hello Namita,

    Very nice and well narrated post. Amazing photographs. Enjoyed It. 🙂 Love to travel around Mumbai

  2. Tina says:

    Hello Namita. Love the photographs. Can you share your itenary of Italy. Would love to travel to the places that you have visited.

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