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Bodoland, India – A Land Untouched

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13 Responses

  1. Shreya Saha says:

    An untouched civilization – calm and peaceful – that’s all I can say about people in Bodoland. The place is so serene. I would love to visit this land surely. I am happy to see these offbeat places of India.

  2. India looks really amazing and it’s for a long time on my bucket list now 🙂 I would like to visit it one day 😀

    • Namita Kulkarni says:

      I hope you do! There’s so much to experience here and it’s unlike anywhere else 🙂 Especially if you like a massive variety of cultures!

  3. That’s a very interesting place, especially Manas National Park. The water seems to be very inviting. Is camping and trekking allowed there? We would love to do so.

  4. What a fab adventure, Namita. The place seems so untouched by modernisation. Eventhough there are some modern day conveniences as you rightly mentioned, it looks like people are still connected to nature and their roots. I would love to explore this part of India someday. And I loved the first photograph, such a beautiful capture.

  5. I love places like this- just takes you back to nature and makes you appreciate life so much more right? The elephant conservation is amazing. Wouldn’t mind going here. Can just imagine how good back to basics feels

  6. Lisa says:

    This looks like an interesting part of the country. India is one country I’d like to see one day, to see sights like the ones in Bodoland. Very colourful post too!

  7. Suman says:

    I so wanted to attend the festival but the dates clashed with my Rajasthan trip. I will definitely attend it this year. Been following all the social media posts by bodoland ambassadors.

  8. Sun says:

    Wow.. Thats one of the wonders

  9. Daily4ever says:

    After a long time read such a wonderful post, this is really different and unique for me I like to say thanks to author keep it up.

  10. Nice Article !!! Keep Updating

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