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Beyond Rape Shock – Are we feeding or fighting the oppression?

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10 Responses

  1. Aruna says:

    I want to add a word to list of “should be forever retired” : Mrs. or Missus.
    Please, it has to go.

  2. So many well observed details of our society… seriously biasing has become such a stigma in our society.. few points felt while reading it
    1. These crimes have been happening for decades, but neither the media reached it, nor highlighted it under pressure, though we feel sad n shocked by it, but atleast it is being revealed, n conscious people in their way of protests, governance, votes, blogs will make sure that this stops, sooner or later.
    2. Points of females being treated with negative term for the same thing guy gets a positive (Slut/Casanova) was simply spotless, surprising this happens not only in our society in India but every country around, don’t know why. The menstruation part is exactly pointed out.
    3. Suggest you go for some Indian tradition & Mythology before 1000 AD, it had been drastically different and been very very open to each aspect about, age, body parts even menstruation of women, it was only after Muslim rule of 600 odd years, the Indian traditions changed what we see today..

    Great work.. 🙂

    • Thanks Shivendra. Regardless of the history of Indian tradition and mythology, the fact that they’re blindly followed in this day and age is a big part of the problem. And all the protests and highlighting by the media will not change things unless our individual actions and choices point towards empowerment instead of subjugation.

  3. Powerful stuff. well written.

  4. ANU says:

    Love the bit about procreation! So well put! And this is true for countries and populations around the world, not just India!

  5. Chitra Pillai says:

    Wow! This riveting article has got hard facts clothed in humor. Great read Namita
    I look forward to more of your articles.

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