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Oil pastel painting by Namita Kulkarni 0

Somewhere under the Blue Sky

Exactly 13 years since I painted this. An oil pastel re-creation of an oil painting by an artist called C Loft, known for his Mediterranean seascapes. A raw beginner at age 19, all I had for reference was a postcard-sized greeting...

Asana meets Awareness 1

Moving into Meditation: When Asana Meets Awareness

“Oh I can never sit still!” – the commonest response whenever I outrageously suggest that meditation might be worthwhile. To many,  meditation implies sages sitting still, lost in some exclusive mystic realm. But what if you don’t need a sage’s...


The Most Spectacular Sight Ever

What’s the most spectacular sight you’ve seen on your travels? I get asked some form of that question often. Off the top of my head, some of these spring to mind: Laguna Colorada, Bolivia              ...

Ladakh, Lake Pangong Tso 5

How to be a ‘Lucky’ Traveller

      A moment long awaited  When the travel daydreams first invaded, I was in my mid-twenties and juggling two jobs. Teaching Yoga early mornings and editing legal journals all day. Within the pressure cooker of that lifestyle, I felt...

ziplining, Chiang mai, Thailand 0

Ziplining with Flight of the Gibbon

“My first day of work today,” he shrugged as he clasped my harness onto the cable. Words you do not want to hear from your ziplining guide when you’re 120 metres above the rainforest floor, looking down on a sea...


Wild & Wonderful Chiang Mai

If I’ve been missing here of late it’s because I was away having the maddest, wildest time exploring Chiang Mai, Thailand for a week and I’m still reeling! You can read about it on this link: How to Make the Most...


Yoga Meets Kettlebell

There are two kinds of travellers one sees on flights. Those that haul their own baggage up into the cabin and those that cannot. With my relatively small frame I’m often presumed to be the latter, until I swing my...

Ukanc, Triglav National Park, Bohinj, Slovenia 4

A Lake Like No Other – Bohinj, Slovenia

It was too apt to be random – the restaurant radio singing ‘Heaven is a place on earth’ beside this crystal clear lake within a sprinkle of villages in eastern Gorenjska, Slovenia. The radio gods and their uncanny ways. I...

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