The Rope Less Travelled

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Balancing act, tightrope, Radically Ever After, balancing poses YogaBeing on a tight rope is living, everything else is just waiting – Karl Wallenda, tightrope walker

Born into a family of acrobats, Karl may well have been genetically predisposed to treading tight ropes while defying logic and gravity with unmatched finesse, but his sentiment about taking chances is what shines through those words. While many of us choose the “safe” life – deluding ourselves with the superstition of security, entangled in our own safety nets – there are those among us who run from safety, not towards it. Embracing uncertainty like they would an old friend. Believing in themselves over and above all else. The tight rope is their reason for being; the space where they live out the impossible dream that made everything worthwhile. Life calls upon us all to walk our own labyrinth of tight ropes towards the realization of our potential, but few find the conviction to pick up the gauntlet. For those of us who do, life is never the same again. Here’s to the courage of conviction of every tight-rope walker – may your tribe grow.

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