To catch a street sexual harasser

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It’s not everyday that one manages to get a street sexual harasser arrested, but when it does happen it definitely makes for some good news worth sharing. This happened last November, one fine day when I finally felt beyond ‘fed up’ with the 365-day 24/7 menace that women are expected to deal with by not dealing with — pretending it doesn’t happen or that if it did happen, attributing it to the clothes they were wearing or any other perfectly normal choices they made. I had a hard time just convincing the cops that the guy was in the wrong and not me, spending four long hours in the police station just to get the FIR done, with the guy’s family chewing my brains out to let him go scotfree and villainizing me for standing up for myself. As women, we need to fight this menace like our lives depend on it, because they do.


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