Yoga for Travel Workshop: March 25, 2017

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Yoga for Travel Workshop, Lahe Lahe, Bangalore


Join us on this 3-hour Yoga for Travel workshop exploring the many ways Yoga and travel overlap and complement one another. Conducted by Namita Kulkarni, a Yoga teacher who’s been teaching for 7 years and travelling solo to places far and near over the last 4 years, taking Yoga with her on the road and in the air. The workshop will be facilitated by Olivier Normandin, the French-Australian goalkeeper of Lahe Lahe, aspiring Yogi and vagabond dancer. A 1.5 hour interactive session where we talk about (among other things) –

1. What makes Yoga a great travel mate
2. Commonalities between Yoga and Travel
3. How does Yoga make you a better traveller?
4. The travel opportunities Yoga can open up
5. Yoga philosophy – especially the Yamas & Niyamas – in the context of travel
6. How travel shapes your Yoga practice and experiences on the mat
7. Yoga as a common language across boundaries – how does that play out?

and anything else related to travel and Yoga that you may want to talk about 🙂

Followed by 1 hour of Yoga with poses, sequences and techniques to guide you through troubles that travel commonly entails, whether it’s jet lag, exhaustion, lack of grounding, too much FOMO pulling you apart, hangovers you can’t afford to hang on to for too long, post-trek/dive muscle soreness, sleep issues, or even the common post-trip blues. Yoga techniques you can use with or without a mat, even in a dorm or on a hotel bed. So you can experience first-hand how Yoga helps you manage your time and energy better as a traveller.

The workshop will end with 30 minutes of travel- themed guided meditation.

Cost per person: Rs. 450

Venue: Lahe Lahe, Indiranagar, Bangalore

Call 9986533337 or 9886294444 for inquiries & registration

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