What Cuba taught me about Flirting and Sensuality

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“Flirting is Cuba’s national game,” our retreat organizer Christine informed us as we turned a corner in Havana Vieja (Old Havana) one hot afternoon. Something I had begun to sense, having lost and found my way on the streets of Havana several times over the last few days. Getting a hang of a city’s unwritten rules the way only perpetual walking can ensure, flirting had made itself clear as the undercurrent to most human interaction.

Cubans, Havana, Cuban men, flirting, sensuality

As the Cubans say – No puedo evitarlo (I can’t help it)

The way men and women (boys and girls even) occupy public spaces in Cuba can be quite the lesson in everyday sensuality and next-level self-confidence. Openly checking each other out and expressing attraction without any fear of rejection or judgement, for starters. Women owning their space and flaunting their femininity like they love their bodies and own the street. Men dramatically expressing their appreciation of female beauty – their words and body language exuding no desperation, aggression, entitlement or dominance. Four things that make all the difference between the guy on a Bombay street leching at me from a mile away, singing the latest brainless Bollywood item song and trying to grope me as I walk by and a Cuban who catches my eye when I walk out of a restaurant, holds my gaze and gets just close enough to whisper ‘linda’ in my ear as we cross paths on a hot day. The latter feels like a moment and a compliment I’m glad to have had, from a man with enough self-esteem not to be desperate or aggressive for female attention. The former, well, is the reason I carried pepper spray and a pen knife in my handbag through most of my teen years and twenties.

So what can Cuba teach us about flirting and sensuality?

  1. Sexy isn’t a shape/age/size/anything the media sells you. Sexy is a choice. To enjoy your natural sensuality without any sense of apology or dread. Regardless of age/appearance/gender, loving what you’ve got and enjoying it.

An elderly woman with a frizzy white bob and a grocery bag, strutting across the street in a t-shirt that announced “All Eyes on Me”. I love how these women never got mass media’s memo on editing themselves for society’s approval. Cuba is a country where sexuality is anything but repressed, and mass media has yet to take a swing at people’s instinctive love and acceptance of their own bodies. Being a communist country, advertising has barely a toehold here. No vacant faces and airbrushed bodies staring down at you from billboards defining what constitutes beauty and what doesn’t. No self-appointed “guardians of culture” and moral police telling people it’s unacceptable for them to express and celebrate their sensuality. Bodes well for body image and an open acceptance of sexuality as a normal, wonderful part of life.

  1. Old school flirting is the way forward: Cuba reminded me – with all her music, dancing, colours, people, street art, and overall intensity at all times – what old school flirting is. A game that is its own reward, open to everyone at all times. Where the fundamental idea is to make the other person like you, so you don’t go annoy the hell out of them or creep them out (Who knew!)

In the absence of constant internet, social media and dating apps, actual interpersonal skills are what you bring to the game. Skills such as self-confidence and body language – strong in a culture where sexuality and sensuality are celebrated, not curtailed. And in the absence of advertising to distort body image, it’s not conventional attractiveness but these interpersonal skills that make all the difference. Whether you’re professing undying love or appreciating a nice derriere, it takes some amount of finesse, empathy, body language, creativity and imagination to make a playful moment of it.

Cubans, Havana, Vinales, flirting, sensuality

No men were objectified in the making of this handsome collage. All pics with consent, no creepshots

  1. Every single day occasions a celebration of sensuality, because why not?

Somewhere along the way, growing up in patriarchal India where sexuality (especially female) is shrouded in shame and misogyny is rampant, I’d (almost) lost touch with the part of me that loves being a woman and enjoys her sensuality and sexuality. Being female might as well be a punishable offence when your femaleness is a liability that gets you assaulted and blamed for it over and over again. And here is an entirely different culture that makes you want to revel in your femaleness, wear that ‘too-sexy-for-me’ dress and flirt your ass off. Express your natural sensuality without any sense of apology or dread of aggression. Because guess what, it’s normal around here. Being sexual, sensual and flirtatious is given its place in the human experience, for everyone under the Cuban sun. What’s abnormal and even dangerous is the repression of these very aspects of our humanness. Anything repressed is going to blow up eventually – and it’s never pretty. The way sexuality is repressed in India, it’s no wonder even a walk down the street is an obstacle course for many women in big cities. Dating is largely considered a “bad” effect of western culture, so young people interested in each other have to hide that normal, natural instinct and go under the radar – and god knows what else.

  1. Unchecked technology short-circuits human connections

Quite the no-brainer, but Cuba really hammers home the difference between connections formed in person and those we form online. Given the general shortage of material things and electronic gadgets, Cubans have a strong sense of human connection and the aliveness of face-to-face interactions. People are a lot more involved in each others’ lives and have a sense of interdependence and solidarity. Conversations are shouted across streets even late at night – between several people. Animatedly enough for you to pick a side within minutes and feel emotionally invested. Emoticons on screens and all our social media cannot ever match face-to-face interactions marked by a pronounced body language that doesn’t hold back. Which can seem overwhelming at first, but one gets used to it. The only places you’ll find people glued to screens are the Wifi parks or fancy hotels that double up as Wifi zones. Outside the few internet spots, people don’t need reminders to look up from screens and engage with all the life unfolding in front of them.

  1. Where sexuality is accepted and acknowledged as a normal part of life instead of being shrouded in shame and ignorance, sexual violence is bound to be rare

And people are far more likely to report sexual assaults when there isn’t so much shame attached to sex. Saying ‘I was raped’ is a million times tougher than saying ‘I was robbed’ – in a culture that shames sexuality and consequently the victims of sex crimes. A big reason so many sex crimes go unreported in India is the massive shame and ignorance we attach to sexuality. I know that from my own experiences with being sexually assaulted and those of so many people close to me.

Sex crimes are rare in Cuba and in my own experience, I felt safe alone even across long deserted roads between cities. Plugged into my earphones in the backseat, zoning out to the views while some young Cuban I just met drove the taxi, without even a working phone connection on me (good luck getting a local SIM card in Cuba, something I didn’t have the patience for). And on streets while it rained comments/compliments/questions now and then, it stayed playful and didn’t turn into groping or hostility. Sure there are exceptions/jerks in every part of the world so one still has to be alert about one’s safety, but in general physical harassment is not something to be expected on Cuban streets.

  1. Flirting can be a way of life

Not an experience you only share with a select few people in controlled environments, but something you do on the spur of the moment with someone you happen to cross paths with. Not a strategy or transaction for a specific outcome, but a spontaneous interaction that is its own reward regardless of what follows. Not just sliding into DMs, but sliding into someone’s imagination. Not a manipulation tactic to hoodwink someone, but a way of adding a little mischief, mystery and imagination to everyday life. Which happen to be some of the first casualties in our fast-paced consumerist lives. Flirting asks you to slow down and savour the moment – be a three-dimensional human again and enjoy the possibilities of the moment.

Call me crazy, but if enough of us flirt (the old school way – with finesse, empathy, body language, creativity and imagination, NOT the let-me-harass-you-coz-I-feel-entitled-to-you way) often enough and well enough to make it a natural everyday behaviour, the culture might just begin to tilt in favour of celebrating sensuality instead of shaming it. Who knows, maybe even make a national game of it some day. Count me in 😉

Cuba, Havana, Cuban salsa, Cuban men

                                                 And you thought romance was dead? 😀

Post-salsa tradition with our Salsa teachers in Havana

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Flirting in Cuba


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15 Responses

  1. Orla says:

    Wow what a refreshing and well written piece about the art of flirtation and how the Cubans are the masters of it! A valuable reminder that we are all sensual beings even if our westernised culture dictates differently! Thanks so much for sharing your insight, I’ve just bumped Cuba up on my bucket list! ❤️

  2. Gina says:

    Loved this article. I recently went to Cuba and I honestly feel like it changed my whole perspective on men, flirting and male/female interaction. I live in the US and had become embittered by the misogyny around me but something about Cuba was different. Like you said, the desperation and aggression was not there and that made all the difference. I actually had *fun* flirting with people/being flirted with for once, instead of being put off and creeped out.

    • Namita Kulkarni says:

      So glad you could relate Gina! It really has a whole other vibe doesn’t it 🙂 Such a refreshing change from being in misogynist environments. Somebody’s gotta put the ‘fun’ back in flirting!

  3. Riya Ali says:

    That’s what I love about Cuba and Latin American countries. Sensuality is totally celebrated, as opposed to India and others where it is shamed. Men and women are not even allowed to interact with each other, women cannot wear what they want. Repressing sexuality is harmful, it manifests itself in ugly ways.

    I wish more of our people could visit Cuba and see for themselves, that being sensual is not shameful, rather it is sacred and beautiful, and that men interacting with women is nothing bad. Would work wonders for us.

  4. Rick says:

    Nice story. When are you going again? It’s addictive you know. As a Canadian man, I see it from a different perspective. There’s still a lot of misogynistic behavior that goes on there as opposed to Canada. Being a tourist in Cuba gives you a special privilege, I rather enjoy the attention I get. Cuba is like going back in time fifty years, our culture was more like theirs fifty years ago. People socialized outside, but that doesn’t happen anymore. I’m glad you had fun, I’m going in Feb 2020 for the eighth time. Like I said, it’s addictive.

    • Namita Kulkarni says:

      Thank you Rick! That is so cool that you’re going there for the eighth time. I was just talking to a couple of my friends about going there again and having a little re-union. I’ve never been to Canada but I do have a visa so I hope to put that to some good use this year 🙂 Hope you have a great trip in Cuba once again. Definitely jealous!

  5. Surya says:

    Really enjoyed reading this, lovely to see others also exploring the beauty that is our sexual nature and freeing ourselves from the shame that has been attached to the divine gift that is sexuality. Power to you Namita 🙂

    • Namita Kulkarni says:

      So glad you enjoyed reading and great that it resonated with you Surya 🙂 Thank you so much for writing in!

  6. Shraddha says:

    We have got so much to learn from them, but I am afraid things will never change in India! Someday I would love to visit and experience this culture.

  7. Shyra Singh says:

    Can you suggest some books on how women are so alluring in Cuba as we are loosing the feminine nature in most women these day. Or do you mind writing an article on Cuban women tactics on how they are so confident on something where the world sees that in disguise.

  8. Sana says:

    I loved this article, it is so well written! I know people who have been there who have also said the same thing, that is a country where people openly check each other out and compliment one another, that sensuality is openly expressed and appreciated. Sounds amazing, would love to go there myself!

    • Namita Kulkarni says:

      Thank you Sana! You’ve heard right and I hope you do experience that culture someday 🙂 I hope to revisit this country someday as well !

  9. sonit says:

    i love literature n after reading ur definition of flirting , i vote for it to be included in t oxford dictionary . Cuba is on t top of my bucket list to explore now !

    • Namita Kulkarni says:

      Haha thank you so much Sonit, that is such a compliment 🙂 So good to see readers like you appreciating this article even 2.5 years after I wrote it. Means a lot. I hope you do visit Cuba someday soon and tell me about your trip. Fingers crossed for travel to become a thing again!

  10. Marko says:

    Everything you said is True. I Will add this which me and my friend both observed. Cuban women embrace their feminity in full measure, never Have I seen so many 18-20 year old women absolutley gorgeous wirh their little babies, playing with them, brest feeding in the middle of the crowd, while still being socialble outside, with their friends. Here in europe we see the opposite, Young Mothers get frowned uppon as being “backwards” (by other women especialy).. And incredibly large numbers of artificial pregnancies or try outs by women in their late 30’s. A beautiful Young woman is one thing, a beautiful Young woman is breath taking. I was 31 when I was in cuba and I felt middle aged.. They still Have a “normal” population distribution where. Majority is Young. Despite for the horrible comunism they endure I Have yet to meet better people.

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